75 things to do this fall


1. Go apple picking. Seems like a no-brainer.

leaves rake.jpg

2. Rake leaves and then play in them. No kids or dog required.

woman boots.jpg

3. Hike! If you don’t like cold weather, this is your last chance to hit the trails before the snow falls!

pine cone birdfeeder

4. Make a bird feeder. Your feathered-friends will thank you once the cold weather arrives.


5. Bake some muffins. They might be delicious all-year-round, but there’s something so comforting about baking in the fall…


6. Sign up for a race. As all runners know, Autumn is the best time for some good ‘ol competition!

farmers market.jpg

7. Visit your local Farmer’s Market. Chances are, your local market will still be up and running until after Thanksgiving!

woman writing.jpg

8. Write down your goals for the season! Short-term, long-term… whatever your ambition desires!

woman reading.jpg

9. Cozy up with a good book. Check here for the latest and greatest titles!


10. Buy a new throw blanket. ‘Tis the season!

apple crisp.jpg

11. Make apple crisp. Muffins didn’t satisfy your seasonal hankerings? This ought to cut it.


12. Try a new herbal tea. Warm, delicious and healthy!


13. Plan your Halloween costume! All the major department stores are already planning for the Holiday… now it’s your turn!


14. Make spicy squash soup! This hearty dish is creamy… and vegan!


15. Plan a trip to an Oktoberfest festival near you! We hear they’re all the rage.


16. Carve a jack-o-lantern. This makes a fun date, but it’s also really fun to do solo!

cider (2).jpg

17. Buy some hot apple cider… and drink it all!


18. Plan a Halloween party. Make it as scary as possible!


19. Plan a Thanksgiving feast! Not so big on Halloween? A festive Potluck is a great way to give thanks and celebrate with friends and family.

fall decor.jpg

20. Decorate for the season. Corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins… go big or go home!


21. Go on a wine tour. Not a wino? You should be.

shopping (2).jpg

22. Start your Christmas shopping. The early bird catches the worm!


23. Donate some clothes to charity. If there’s any summer garments in your closet that you didn’t wear all season, it’s time for them to go.


24. Go on a walk. You don’t have to be a runner or a hiker to enjoy nature… a leisurely stroll will do the trick.

fall fashion.jpg

25. Treat yourself to a new fall outfit. Remember – you can never have too many boots.

camping (2).jpg

26. Go camping. The season isn’t over yet!


27. Make a craft with fallen leaves! We’re not sure what, exactly. But Pinterest will have some ideas.


28. Open the windows. Air conditioning can take a toll on your lungs and your home. Use this opportunity to air things out!


29. Take a drive through the countryside. What better time to explore some scenic back roads near you?


30. Visit a pumpkin patch. Another classic!


31. Buy some fall-scented candles. Opt for soy!

corn field.jpg

32. Explore a corn maze. Nothing screams fun like being lost in a field for hours on end.


33. Go back-to-school shopping! You don’t have to be a student to need new pens.

pumpkin seeds.jpg

34. Toast some pumpkin seeds. They’re chock-full of fibre, iron and healthy fats… and they’re addicting.


35. Make this adorable lampshade out of an old sweater! Can you say charming?


36. Burn some spicy incense. Sage is always nice.

cucumbers-886036_1920 (2).jpg

37. Spend the day canning! Prepare your preserves for the winter while spending some quality time with yourself or a loved one.


38. Take up a new hobby. The transition between seasons is a great time to try something new!


39. Sample some local hard cider. Gather your friends and spend the night boozing… fall style!


40. Make a new Autumn playlist. Because let’s face it…the radio is dull.

woman relaxing

41. Stay in bed all day. It’s difficult to stay grounding in Autumn. Set aside a day to cozy up under the covers from dawn until dusk!

pumpkin spice latte.jpg

42. Make your own pumpkin spice latteWhy pay the big bucks?


43. Catch up on your correspondence! There’s something so nice about sending (and receiving) mail. This fall, send some “just because” cards to make your friends and family feel warm and fuzzy inside.

pumpkin pie.jpg

44. Try making a pumpkin pieWorse comes to worst, you can make it into a crumble!

dog walking on leash.jpg

45. Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Chances are, less people are stepping up to walk the doggies now that the weather is cooler.


46. Go on a picnic! Pick a sunny day, pack a yummy lunch and go enjoy the crisp air!

fall photo.jpg

47. Take some Fall photos. Grab your family for a photoshoot or simply snap some shots of the colorful scenery!


48. Go to a local fair! Nothing is more festive than farm animals, sketchy rides and salted taffy.

walking woman.jpg

49. Wander around the city. Grab a coffee from your favourite café and spend a few hours checking out all the local stores.

yoga mat.jpg

50. Sign up for a trial month at a yoga studio! Because all seasons are better with yoga in your life.

essential oils.jpg

51. Make a fall essential oil blend. Buy a new scent, if you have to!


52. Go on a bike ride. It’ll get you further than walking, so you can really enjoy the changing landscape.


53. Take a dip in a cold lake… and then warm up with a hot bevvy!

board game.jpg

54. Organize a board game day! Grab your favorite people and celebrate the season with a little friendly competition.


55. Take advantage of the post-summer sales! There’s no better time to buy a new bathing suit.


56. Embark on a spontaneous weekend getaway. Find a rental cottage on a lake or a cute B&B and get away from it all!


57. Have a Netflix marathon. Fall is when all the good shows are released, so keep an eye out for new episodes of your favorites!

houseplants (2).jpg

58. Start a houseplant collection. You’ll be spending less time outdoors this time of year, so why not bring nature to you?

cooking (2).jpg

59. Go vegan for a month. You don’t need to eat meat to bulk up for the winter!


60. Start a journal. Emotions tend to surface this time of year. Skip therapy and write them down!


61. Make potpourri. This seasonal blend is our favorite.


62. Buy some flannel sheets! They’ll keep you warm and remind you of your childhood.

phone (2).jpg

63. Call in sick. Take advantage of “cold season” by telling a white lie and taking a much-needed day off work.


64. Do some fall cleaning. Nope, it’s not just a spring activity!


65. Take someone special for brunch. Root veggies are in season… that means it’s time to plan a brunch date at your favorite local eatery.

leaves (3).jpg

66. Have a technology-free day. Cleanse yourself of toxins and boost your immunity (yep, that’s right!) by unplugging for 24-hours.


67. Take a hot bath. Sprinkle your fall essential oil blend in the tub and soak the chilly weather off your skin!


68. Knit yourself a new scarf for winter. Not a knitter? Check these out!

coffee grounds.jpg

69. Make your own coffee scrub. It’s dry skin season! Keep your complexion smooth and supple with a DIY coffee moisturizer!

Yoga on dock

70. Meditate. Even if it’s just five minutes a day, this practice is extremely beneficial during seasonal shifts!


71. Eat popcorn and watch Sweet November. As its name suggests, this heartwarming classic was meant to be viewed in the fall.


72. Star gaze. There’s something so magical about clear fall nights. Grab your loved one and stay up late spotting constellations under a warm blanket.

flea market.jpg

73. Explore a local flea market. Skip the summer crowds and find some cheap antiques!


74. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Safety first, friends.


75. Try to accomplish every item on this list! Challenge extended.


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